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The Miracle Baby!

Our daughter,Sarah Angelee, born September 22, 2013, was diagnosed as having Congenital Heart Defects,Transposition of the Great Arteries/Vessels,Ventricular Septal Defect,and Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
She was operated on November 28,2013 for Arterial Switch Procedure,VSD Closure,and PDA resection.
The initial operation to correct her heart defects was successful. However, she needed to undergo a second surgery(Plication) due to diaphragm paralysis on January 2,2013 .As a result of this,she needed to stay in hospital longer, which we did not anticipate happening. We have been in the Philippine Heart Center since Nov.26,2013.
We have already exhausted all resources possible to be able to settle the hospital bills. It is for this reason that we ask a little help. We honestly declare that we do not have the financial capability to pay the entire costs at this moment, however, with your support, we could gather everything that we have and settle the bills. Thank you very much for the help and concern that you are extending to us. Our daughter has been fighting for her life since nov 26 and our hospital bill continuos to go up. Your financial help would augment the possibility of giving her a better chance for a speedy recovery. Our acct is :

Banco de Oro

SM Fairview Branch

Felle Angelee Lizbeth Diaz

Account Number: S/A – 006780300291
Acct #: 006780451222
Acct name: Sarah Angelee D. Perez BDO SM fairview branch

Your help will be greatly appreciated and our family will forever be indebted.

Thank you so much for being part of our baby’s painful yet life-enriching journey.From the people who know our baby’s story,we have appreciated the value of life the more,the gratefulness of people who are willing to help and above all, the sovereign power of the Almighty God. Again,thank you very much for being part of the journey. God bless!

My email address is

Thank you

felle angelee lizbeth l. diaz
Marlon Perez








2 thoughts on “The Miracle Baby!

  1. Ate Joy says:

    hi felle and marlon, i heard what happened to your baby….keep on praying…leave all your worries to the Lord…..God bless your angel….

  2. I cannot commit any financial assistance but I’ll give breast milk for your little angel to prevent further constipation. I will pray for your little one. Keep the faith!

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